Go Forth, Young Eater

Investigating an avocado before I opened it.
Her first solid! Applesauce










Some of my friends and family have asked me about the order in which I’ve introduced solid foods to Eliana. I have no real rhyme or reason. I did purposefully make her applesauce on her 6-month birthday as her first “solid” because she loves apples. I thought that would be a fun way to start. I didn’t really think about that initial stage of pushing everything back out of her mouth because she had no idea what to do with the stuff I had just shoved in there.  But anyway, since her pediatrician gave us the directions to make for her whatever we are making for ourselves, I’ve pretty much just cooked up whatever organic veggies or fruits I’ve found. (And if you’ve read any of my recipes, you know that I typically add onions, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper to her vegetables.)

So, Eliana’s adventure into solids has gone pretty much like this:

Eating my apple. She made such an aggressive noise when I took it away from her. 
Kale and potato goatee 


Checking out the menu for tomorrow. 




Applesauce with yogurt 




Hey! Look what Mommy made! (Red Pepper Puree) 







Open wide! 






This tastes weird! (She spit it right back out.) 































Live and learn, right?




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