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Since Eliana began eating solid foods in January 2012, I’ve been working hard to make her a teeny tiny foodie: a little person who is open to trying new foods and is anything but a picky eater. One part of this process has been cooking a variety of different foods for her to try that have different textures and flavors. The other part of this process has been her “education” about different concepts around food such as where food comes from, being part of the cooking process and “playing” with food, to name a few.

Want to know more about Eliana’s teeny tiny foodie education? Click on the photo captions below to read about the various lessons I’ve been teaching Eliana from around 6 to 18 months old. Or, read this post for ideas from when she was around 18 months to now (2.5 years old). Keep checking back for more because this is an on-going process!


We’ve been learning about where food comes from by:






















We’ve been “playing around” with food by:






















I’ve been collecting more ideas about how to get a teeny tiny sous chef involved in the kitchen. Click here to read those posts and look for the “Other” category called “Kids in the Kitchen” for future ideas.

Also, visit our General Tips & Ideas Page for even more ideas on creating your own little foodie!



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