Say Hello to My Little Friend

Eliana the Chef from teeny tiny foodie will be bringing you free printable recipes written just for kids!  #kidsinthekitchen #toddlerscancook


I’m BEYOND EXCITED to introduce you to my little friend: Eliana the Chef. I’ve been hard at work creating something new and exciting for all those teeny tiny sous chefs out there to help them gain a bit more independence in the kitchen.

Stay tuned because it’s coming soon!

Happy Cooking with your teeny tiny sous chef!


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5 Responses to Say Hello to My Little Friend

  1. Brittany says:

    I absolutely love this series! I’m a toddler teacher and something I wanted to make was to make a recipe books with pictures to get more literacy in the pretend play area. Finding these recipes were perfect! and saved me so much trouble I love everything about them, and I can’t wait for the students to pretend to make the items, for us to make them real, and for my to send them home so the kids can make it as a family.

  2. lloyd says:

    lookin’ forward to the little “snow angel” sous chef’s recipes……..

  3. Yunee says:

    Nice. It’s a very cute logo and looking forward to receiving posts from Eliana, little chef.

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