Cooking Classes & Menu Planning

Do you want some hands-on help cooking for babies, toddlers or adults? Not sure what to feed the family? Join me for a private cooking class or menu planning. If you’re interested in working together, email me at [email protected] and we will set something up just for you. Gift certificates available. Please note that we are located in the NY metro area.

Cooking Classes

IMG_1513 - Version 2 Let’s Cook Together

Private classes take place in my kitchen or yours and can be for one person, couples, or small groups. We’ll create a specially tailored session of learning, fun and, of course, tasty food.

Pretty little purees all in a rowPurée Parties

Have a baby at home or on the way and don’t know what to make for him or her? I’ll teach you how easy and fun it is to make fresh, wholesome and healthy baby food. This is a great class for first-time parents, caretakers or anyone cooking for baby’s first foods. Gather a small group and we’ll create a menu of seasonal, healthy purées.

IMG_8006Tricky Toddler Menu

Some toddlers pick, sniff, examine and sample before they decide they will actually eat anything! I’ll teach you some healthy and vegetable-filled toddler friendly recipes that will have your child asking for seconds or thirds and keep you from running back to the kitchen to find something he or she will actually eat.

IMG_0006 teeny tiny chefs

Want your little chef to learn some easy recipes you two can make together? I’ll teach him or her tasty and fun recipes along with fun food-related activities, too. This class can be taught as a one-on-one class or for a small group. Sample classes include: teeny tiny mexicali meal, teeny tiny pizza party and teeny tiny fruit & veggie fiesta.

IMG_5007  Classes for Caregivers 

Want your kiddo to eat healthfully even if you’re not the one doing the cooking? Let me teach your caregiver some easy and healthy meals he or she can prepare for your child. 


Menu Planning for the Family

IMG_0319Food for First-Time Foodies

Not sure what to serve for your baby’s introduction to solids? I’ll help you prepare a menu of choices, plan out baby’s meals across the day and provide you with some easy and healthy recipes, too.

IMG_1259Purées for Two: For Baby and You

Have a baby at home and looking for ways to maximize the healthy food your whole family eats while minimizing your time in the kitchen? I’ll teach you how to use the purées you make for your baby to help create a meal for the rest of your family, too.


recipes & tips to create a foodie baby & family

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