Mango Sauce



Mango Sauce



  • -1 very ripe mango, peeled and chopped
  • -A few tablespoons hot water
  • -Fresh lime juice
  • -Fresh basil, to taste
  • -2-3 red or white scallions, red or white parts only
  • -Salt, pepper, chili powder, to taste



Put mango into a food processor and purée.

Thin to desired consistency by adding hot water and/or lime juice by the teaspoonful.

Add basil, scallions, salt, pepper and chili powder.

Pulse again, taste and adjust for desired consistency and flavor.


We’ve enjoyed this sauce alongside Grilled Swordfish, Baked Chicken Breasts, mixed vegetables and Quinoa & Black Bean Fritters.


  • Variations:
  • Want to serve a version of this recipe to a First-Time Foodie aged 6 months and up? Click here for the recipe for Simple Mango Purée.
  • Want to serve version of this recipe to a Foodie aged 9 months and up? Click here for the recipe for Mango Basil Purée.


Happy Cooking!



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