How To Press Tofu

Pressed and Seared Tofu


How-To Press Tofu


  • -1 pound extra-firm tofu

Featured Tools and Materials

  • -2 dinner plates
  • -3-4 heavy books
  • -A bunch of paper towels or clean kitchen towels


Cut tofu block down the middle lengthwise.

Arrange the tofu halves side by side on top of a dinner plate lined with clean kitchen towels or a stack of paper towels.

Cover the tofu with another kitchen towel or more paper towels and then another dinner plate.

Put a bunch of heavy books on top of the plate to press out the excess water in the tofu. I like to leave it for up to 1 hour but no less than 10 minutes. If I feel short on time, I put even more books, or other heavy and flat objects, on top to press out the liquid faster.

You can do this step earlier on the same day you want to use the tofu but I wouldn’t do it any more in advance or the tofu might dry out. Put the pressed tofu in a gallon-sized zipper top plastic bag (like a Ziploc), squeeze out the air and refrigerate in until you want to use it.

Some of my favorite books piled atop tofu to press it.

Some of my favorite books piled atop tofu to press it.


Happy Cooking!




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