How To Freeze Homemade Pancakes and French Toast

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How to Freeze Homemade Pancakes and French Toast by teeny tiny foodie

Homemade Pancakes and French Toast are both great, easy meals I like to pull out of the freezer for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. I love this simple trick to getting a meal on the table at any hour because I can set it up in the oven to reheat while I take care of something else for about 20 minutes. Homemade pancakes are an especially fun meal to make because you can pack in the fruits and veggies using purees to create colorful pink pancakes or green pancakes. Thinking ahead to Halloween, I made and froze a batch of Spooky Pancakes pictured below.

Before you freeze your pancakes or french toast, you should cool them on a plate (or a cookie sheet if there are lots of them) and leave them uncovered in the fridge for 30-60 minutes. Then follow the instructions below to freeze them.

Spooky Pancakes ready to be cooled and frozen by teeny tiny foodie

  • How to Freeze Pancakes and French Toast
  • For the purposes of the directions below I’m going to use the term “pancake” to refer to both pancakes and french toast.



  • -One 2-foot piece of parchment paper or wax paper
  • -Cooled pancakes or french toast
  • -Gallon-sized zipper top bag
  • -Permanent marker to label the bag



1. Place parchment paper flat onto the counter.

2. Starting about 6 inches from the left end, place 2 pancakes on the paper one above the other, leaving around 1½-2 inches in between them.

3. Pull remaining paper from the left over the pancakes and place 2 more pancakes onto the parchment paper so they are stacked on top of the original pancakes.

4. Carefully, roll all 4 pancakes to the right so all the pancakes are covered and new paper is exposed. Gently pull the paper over the pancakes after you’ve rolled them to tighten the slack on the paper.

5. Continue stacking and rolling the pancakes until you’ve wrapped all of them.

6. Fold the paper into half taking care not to crush the pancakes while making the two stacks into one.

7. Place them into the zipper-top bag and seal it.

8. Label the bag with an expiration date of 3 to 4 months from the day they were cooked.

How to Freeze Homemade Pancakes and French Toast by teeny tiny foodie

How to Freeze Homemade Pancakes and French Toast by teeny tiny foodie

When I want to serve them again, I heat them in the oven at 300° F for around 20 minutes and prepare some Sweet Yummy Yogurt for dipping and add fruit or veggies on the side.


Happy Cooking!



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