Easy Peas-y Ravioli: {Kids Cook} Monday Meal

Easy Peasy Ravioli

Are you looking for a quick and easy meal that can be on the table in 30 minutes or less? Then this Monday Meal is just for you! This Easy Peasy Ravioli is one of my favorite go-to meals for any time I want to throw a balanced meal together quickly. I love that this meal has vegetables, protein and starch all in one dish. A well-balanced, wholesome meal all in only one pot to clean up? DONE!

The best part is that you can totally customize it to your preferences. If you don’t like carrots, substitute raw zucchini or summer squash into the dish instead. I love to use spinach and cheese ravioli but you could use plain cheese ravioli or any other combination you prefer. You can also get your Little Foodie to help you out in the kitchen. Give him controlled choices about what to add and then put him to work grating the carrots (with support), measuring out the peas or pine nuts and tossing everything into the pot to mix together.

Two tips and ideas to share before the recipe:

1. Did you know that peas pack 8 grams of protein per cup? Oh yes they do! I love to add peas to just about anything. I keep a bag of frozen organic baby peas in the freezer at all times and add them to pastas, eggs and rice. They are also a great on-the-go snack for Little Foodies. I bring them on their own when we’re out and about or to have at a restaurant to snack on before our food arrives. I don’t even thaw them. Since Eliana {currently} likes them cold and semi-frozen, I just toss them in the snack cup and go. Otherwise, I prepare the snack cup in the morning and leave them in my diaper bag. Within two hours they are thawed.

2. One way to win the mealtime battle is to give your Little Foodie control. Part of why little people freak out on us is because they feel they have no power or control. So let’s give them some at mealtime in an effort to keep the peace and get some food in those bellies. No, I’m not suggesting you give him his pick of the entire kitchen and pantry, but I am suggesting that you give what I call “controlled choices.” I give Eliana some control by asking her to make a choice about what she will eat but I’ve only given her choices I’m happy for her to eat. It sounds like this: “Eliana, would you like an apple, banana or pear with lunch?” Eliana gets the power of making the choice and I’m happy with whichever one she chooses. Its’ a win-win situation.


  • Easy Peasy Ravioli
  • Yields 6-8 servings



  • -1 box fresh ravioli, 48 count (I like to use spinach and cheese ravioli)
  • -¼ cup toasted pine nuts
  • -1 cup frozen organic baby peas
  • -1 cup grated carrots (I usually use one large or 2 small carrots)
  • -Grated or shredded parmesan, to taste
  • -Olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, to taste
  • -Optional ½ tablespoon of butter




Cook the ravioli according to the directions on the package.

While the water boils, grate the carrots and set aside.

Heat a small dry frying pan or cast iron skillet over low heat. After a few minutes add the pine nuts. Toast until browned and fragrant, around 5 minutes. Shake often so they don’t burn. Remove them to a plate and set aside.

When the pasta has 4 minutes left to cook, stir in the peas. Continue to boil and drain as directed. Return the empty pot to the stove.

To the empty pasta pot, add the oil (and butter if using). Add the spices and mix together. Stir in the carrots then add the pasta, peas and another drizzle of olive oil. Stir gently to combine.

Taste, adjust seasonings and enjoy.

Pre-taste inspection: So what's in here again?

Pre-taste inspection:
So what’s in here again?

Let me move stuff around here.

Let me move stuff around here so I can get a better look.

Oh! There are peas in here? I like those little green things.

Oh! There are peas in here? I like those little green things.




Happy Cooking!






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