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I was recently asked to write a review of a new children’s book that just came out. The book is called End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad and it is a great, toddler-friendly recipe book. The story follows a small group of kids called the “Kitchen Club Kids” as they make a fruit salad together. I have to tell you, I LOVE this book and I’m honored that one of the authors asked me to review it.


Here’s what I love about this book:

  • -The large and engaging pictures help Little Foodies follow the story and recipe
  • -The toddler-friendly recipe introduces new language and vocabulary as well as basic addition through counting out the steps and amounts of fruit
  • -Little Foodies use all their  senses while following the recipe as they can taste, touch, smell and feel all of the ingredients
  • -It gets Little Foodies involved in cooking in simple, toddler-friendly ways
  • -At the end of the book, there are two versions of the recipe to accommodate the various ages of chefs that want to follow the recipe.






Eliana has read this book over and over and loves to look at it all the time. I think of her reading and re-reading of the book as “recipe research” that helped prepare her to make our own fruit salad. When it came time for us to prepare our own fruit salad, we didn’t have the exact ingredients listed in the book, so we improvised, and we changed some of the amounts since we were making it for just two people. We still had a great time talking about the different fruits, tasting them and counting them as they went into the bowl. Eliana loved being able to toss the fruit into the bowl and help mix it all together, too. It was a deliciously fun and tasty cooking session!

There are two more books coming out in this series about the “Kitchen Club Kids” and Eliana and I can’t wait to read them and follow the recipes inside!

Want to know more about The Kitchen Club Kids? Follow them on Pinterest and Twitter and find them on Facebook, too. You can purchase the book by clicking here.



Our ingredients


Wait, you mean a Sous Chef actually helps??


Can I just stand here and look cute in my apron?


What? Didn’t you just tell them that Little Foodies use all their senses to cook?? Well, I’m using my sense of taste right now to, ummm, become a better chef in the future. Yeah. That’s it!


{I just need take a moment here and point out that I totally allowed the mess, pictured above, to happen. WHAT??? Eliana’s clothes and a gorgeous, white apron (a “Level 4 Alpha Bib” if I ever saw one) are being covered by peach juice as it drips down her chin and arm??  And I’m not swooping in every 2 seconds?? Have I recovered from my Helicopter Mommy and Bib-Insanity days? Hmm… Let’s not hold our breaths}.



Our salad


Eating is my favorite part of cooking!



Happy Cooking and Reading!









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