Quick and Hearty “Rice Pudding” Version 2.0



A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for what I called a “Quick and Hearty ‘Rice Pudding.’ In case you missed it, click here for that recipe. Yesterday, I made a variation of it using some different ingredients.


Similar story as before: My teething and over-tired toddler didn’t want to eat at lunch time. So when snack time rolled around, I wanted to give Eliana something hearty and filling but gentle on the teeth. Since I didn’t have any cottage cheese and cooked brown rice, I improvised with what I did have and came up with the recipe below.


Quick and Hearty “Rice Pudding” Version 2.0

  • -⅓ cup Greek yogurt (Eliana eats full-fat Fage brand)
  • -1½ tablespoon red quinoa, cooked
  • -Maple syrup and cinnamon to taste


Mix ingredients in a bowl and enjoy!


Happy Cooking!






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