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Apple season is one of my favorite seasons of all. While I completely mourn the loss of summer (I grew up in Florida so of course I love the sun and heat that comes with summer!) one thing that makes me happy about the cool weather is apple season. I love, love, LOVE apples. To me, a crisp, yummy apple is a form of perfection. There are so many tasty varieties to enjoy and if you don’t want to eat one straight off the tree or right out of the store, they present lots of different cooking opportunities, too.

So, while I’m busy in the kitchen coming up with some new recipes to share, I wanted to re-introduce you to some tasty creations that are already on the site to tide you over in the meantime. I’ve included links to recipes for all the foodies in the family to enjoy from 6 months and up.

Just in case you need some incentive to enjoy this delicious fruit, here are a few reasons we grew up hearing the rhyme “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

  • 1. Apples are considered a super food and super foods are like nature’s medicine, so munch and crunch away.
  • 2. Apples are packed with nutrients, fiber, antioxidants and more!
  • 3. Apples are a low calorie snack in case you’re counting, too.


Don’t forget about the Soon-to-be-Foodies, aged 4-5 months. They can join in on the apple fun too, by licking your apple or taking a little taste of your food by licking a tiny bit off your finger.


Recipes for Little Foodies aged 6-12 months:


Recipes for Foodies 12 months to 12 decades


Click here for even more recipes for Foodies of all ages.

Happy Cooking!



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