Sweet and Spicy Apple Sticks

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Apples are one of Eliana’s favorite foods. They have been since she first tasted them at 4 months old. Because of that, I tend to use applesauce as a base from which to play around with different combinations and flavors. I end up with things like Sweet and Spicy Apple-Carrot Puree or Apple-Spinach Puree or even my “mistake” Applesauce with Kale-Potato Puree. (Here’s the recipe for the Kale-Potato Puree.) These creations are fun to make but, as you know from reading my posts recently, Eliana is much more excited to feed herself than to be fed. She is very independent. Also, I want to encourage her fine motor skills, so I’m giving her more finger foods to help her strengthen those muscles. Since she loves apples, what would be better than making apples into a finger food?  So, the other day I tried cutting them into sticks and steaming them. I figured that if they didn’t work as a finger food, I could always turn them into a batch of applesauce.

I hadn’t planned on spicing them up at all because apples are yummy by themselves. But, once they cooked, I couldn’t help myself. Since apples aren’t technically in season, they needed a little sprucing up. And, okay I will confess, I love to see Eliana’s reactions as I give her kooky-seeming flavor combinations. So, I sprinkled on the cinnamon and chili powder and put some in a little container to take with us on our lunch date with our friends Meghan and Miles.

And you know what? Steamed apple sticks made a perfect finger food. Eliana even shared some with Miles.

On our lunch date!
(Meghan and I were quite proud of ourselves for making it happen.)
Here’s the recipe:

Sweet and Spicy Apple Sticks
– 1 Organic apple (Gala or Fuji), peeled and cut into ½ inch sticks
– Cinnamon and chili powder to taste
Steam* apple sticks until tender- around 7-10 minutes. Remove to a bowl and add cinnamon and chili powder to taste. Toss and let cool slightly before serving to baby.
*If you don’t have a steamer (I cheat and use my Beaba Babycook), you can put the apple sticks into a small pot with around ¼ cup of water. Simmer for around 5 minutes until apples are tender.

Happy Cooking!

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