2 Minute Tips with teeny tiny foodie: Washing Your Hands

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2 Minute Tips with teeny tiny foodie:How to Wash Your Hands. A chef's most important tool is clean hands so watch this video to learn how to do it right! Visit our YouTube channel to watch the videos and visit teenytinyfoodie.com for mote tips and recipe inspiration. #2minutetips #cookinghowtos #kitchentips #cookingwithkids #toddlerscancook #KidsCookMonday #kidsinthekitchen

Today Eliana and I are sharing our newest 2 Minute Tip and this one is about washing your hands. Wait–we are sharing a tip about washing your hands? You might wonder why we created a short instructional video about this healthy behavior when we usually share recipes and food-related tips. Well, did you know that clean hands are a chef’s most important tool? Yes they are! It’s especially essential that our little kitchen helpers have extra clean hands when they assist us in the kitchen. Just think for a moment about all the things those teeny tiny hands touch in the span of a few minutes. Kind of gross, right? Yeah. Eliana and I are sharing this tip in an effort to keep your recipes, and your bodies, as healthy as possible.

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Happy Cooking and Hand Washing!


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