Flashback Friday: Cookies and Confessionals

So, I’m trying something new and that’s sharing a weekly roundup type of post where I share photos from the week that have gone out into the world via social media but haven’t appeared on the blog. This way, those of you who aren’t part of social media (I’m looking at you, Dad) can still see what the little lady and I have been up to over the week. Do you all like this? Not like it? Let me know in the comments section below or email me at [email protected]. Hopefully more people than my dad will find this interesting. 😉

So…. here goes!

This week for WeCookWednesday, Eliana and I made madeleines. She was SO EXCITED about this recipe. We used easy step-by-step instructions from The Kitchn and Eliana was able to participate in almost every step of the recipe. She unwrapped the butter and added it to the saucepan, measured and poured ingredients into the bowls and she helped whisk and stir as well. She really enjoyed “painting” the madeleine pan with a butter and flour mixture before we added the batter. But I think her favorite part of this recipe was topping them with powdered sugar after they cooled. She was pretty heavy handed with my bakers dusting wand but she loved showering the madeleines with powdered sugar.

Eliana and I made Madeleines for WeCookWednesday using a recipe from TheKitchn. From teeny tiny foodie #toddlerscancook #kidsinthekitchen

I usually share photos of Eliana’s school lunches. Here’s a sample from this week. Snack was carrot sticks with macadamia nuts, cashews and a few chocolate chips as a treat. Lunch was pink pancakes I cut into “E” shapes at her request with plain yogurt sweetened with a little bit of pure maple syrup and a sliced kiwi. 

Eliana's lunch and snack from teeny tiny foodie. #teenytinylunches #vegetarian #schoollunch #rockthelunchbox

Eliana loves going to restaurants and was thrilled to join me and two of my friends for dinner with the ladies at a new restaurant that opened in Brooklyn. I’ve learned that eating out with a little person is much more pleasant for all involved when I bring “The Activity Bag” which is filled with paper, crayons, books and stickers. Tons and tons of stickers. I love the restaurants that give little diners activities like the Wiki Stix Bricolage brought to Eliana when they seated us. My favorite part of this photo is E’s determination while trying so hard to use the chopsticks. ♥♥♥

teeny tiny chopstick user from teeny tiny foodie

I signed the petition by Jamie Oliver to make food education a part of curriculum in elementary schools around the world. He is one of my food heroes and this cause is so vital to the health of children around the world. If you want to know more click here and don’t forget to sign the petition, too!

Food Revolution Day by Jamie Oliver

Last but not least, the confessionals piece of this post. Last night I was asked to participate in a “20 Things About Me” game on Instagram. There’s no photo to go along with it, but here’s what I shared in case you’re interested in random info about me…

20 Things About Me

1. I’m left handed.

2. I haven’t eaten beef or pork in almost 30 years and poultry in almost 20.

3. I grew up in Miami, Fl. I loathe winter.

4. I moved to NYC to go to graduate school for education. I didn’t think I’d still be here 16 years later.

5. I’m allergic to wool and bell peppers.

6. I typically have to explain my first name to people. It goes like this: “Jory. It’s like Lori or Tory but with a J.” For this reason I use my middle name (Megan) when booking nail appointments, placing items on hold in a store or ordering takeout.

7. My husband and I went to college together but didn’t meet until a mutual friend introduced us in NY.

8. I have an older brother who is an amazing person. Don’t tell him I said that.

9. My favorite foods are margherita pizza, kale and apples.

10. I hate coffee. I’m a tea drinker.

11. I’m a major klutz. When I was 9 I broke both my wrists on Friday the 13th. I’m always a little wary on that day.

12. I won’t ride a bike. I’m not meant to be on two wheels.

13. I’m afraid of clowns. So. Freakin. Scary.

14. When I visit my parents, I love to stay up late with my mom talking and watching mindless TV.

15. The term “hangry” was invented with me in mind.

16. I have a tattoo of a sun that I got when I was 18. I still love it.

17. I’ve never dyed my hair.

18. I love to read and could happily spend a day curled up with a book.

19. When I read the Harry Potter series, I always reread the previous books before reading the newest one. I did this with The Hunger Games and Twilight series’ too. You could say I’m a #literacynerd

20. I feel so lucky that I’m able to stay at home with my daughter while pursuing my dream of building teeny tiny foodie into a profitable business.

I hope you enjoyed our first edition of Flashback Friday!



6 Responses to Flashback Friday: Cookies and Confessionals

  1. Amy Doran says:

    I think you are amazing!!! I am a mommy of 4 and Nana of 8 that really enjoyed cooking too. You bring it to a whole new level!!!! I really look forward to your recipes and blogs! Jamie Oliver is fantastic as well!!! Thanks Jory!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    I LOVE it! Any photos of Eliana are great, as are all your stories.

  3. Sean Craig says:

    Being social media inept, I really enjoyed the week’s photos, as well, of course, the great posts.

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