2 Minute Tips with teeny tiny foodie: Leafy Greens

2 Minute Tips with teeny tiny foodie: Leafy Greens answers your questions such as how to store and wash leafy greens and how to massage #kale. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the videos and visit teenytinyfoodie.com for recipe inspiration. #2minutetips #cookinghowtos #kitchentips #cookingwithkids #toddlerscancook #KidsCookMonday #kidsinthekitchen #vegetarian #vegan

teeny tiny foodie has some fun and exciting news! We are now sharing short videos we call “2 Minute Tips with teeny tiny foodie.” These videos will contain quick tips and lessons pertaining to cooking, prepping and storing food. Today we are debuting these videos with: How to Wash Leafy Greens and How to Massage Kale. The links below will take you to our YouTube channel to watch them. If you have any kitchen questions or tips you want us to explain, please leave them in the comment section below or email me at jory@teenytinyfoodie.com.


If you need some recipe ideas for what to do with kale or spinach, we love Toddler Recipe for Kale Chips, Lemony Kale Pizza or this Garlicky Spinach Frittata. Or click here for even more ideas.


Happy Cooking!




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