2 Minute Tips with teeny tiny foodie: How to Squeeze a Lemon

In case you missed it, Eliana and I shared a new recipe for cookies on Monday. We experimented with these cookies quite a few times while trying to get the recipe “just right.” While we were making these cookies most recently, Eliana was inspired to create an impromptu video with tips about squeezing “wemons”  (lemons) and the importance of a strainer.

The evolution of this teeny tiny sous chef and her creativity in the kitchen completely amazes me. I’m so proud of her. Her lesson is now the latest video in our collection of 2 Minute Tips.  Check them out on our YouTube channel!


Happy Cooking!




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  1. […] When cooking with little ones, especially first (or second) timers, it’s best to measure out and prepare the ingredients beforehand. When we made muffins my daughter poured all the ingredients in the bowl, helped mix the batter, and filled the muffin tin. As your child gets older and more comfortable in the kitchen, they can take on more and more responsibilities – check out what Jory’s daughter is doing now at age 4. […]

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