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The other evening, a friend stopped by my apartment and was surprised to see that Eliana was eating toast with peanut butter and a plum on the side. My friend had assumed that Eliana eats “a fancy risotto” or something similar for every meal.

So, let me be clear: Eliana does not eat a fancy risotto or something similar for every meal.

Like everybody else, I too have nights when there isn’t any food in the fridge to heat up, when I’m exhausted and have no interest in actually cooking, when Eliana is exhausted and hungry and barely ate lunch and I want to give her something she will definitely eat, and so on. So, on those nights what do I serve her? Toast with peanut butter.

Yes, some nights she does eat something that might sound “fancy”. But, many nights she eats leftovers and sometimes I fall back on the quick and easy meal of toast with peanut butter with some sort of fruit or vegetable on the side. She eats whole wheat/whole grain toast and all-natural peanut butter, of course. But, yes, the teeny tiny foodie eats something as simple as that for a meal a few times a week. Sometimes I “jazz it up” with a few shakes of cinnamon, or shredded unsweetened coconut, but not always…

Besides the obvious fact that it is ready within five minutes, peanut butter, bread and a fruit or vegetable can be a balanced and healthy meal, too if you use whole grain bread and peanut butter that has little or no added sugar and sodium. If you use jelly or jam, then try to serve a vegetable side so you don’t load up on sugar. Natural sugar from fruit is still sugar, as much as I hate to believe it. You should also try to use a jelly or jam without much added sugar or sodium.

So there you have it. Eliana, who eats kale by the handful and edamame like it’s going out of style, also enjoys something as simple as peanut butter and bread.

Happy (Not) Cooking!


Toast and peanut butter is THE BOMB!!

Toast and peanut butter is THE BOMB!!



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