Simple Pineapple Purée



  • Simple Pineapple Purée
  • 6-9 months
  • 9-12 months



  • -4 ounces cubed pineapple



Place pineapple in a food processor and purée.

Serve cold.

Yields 3 ounces


  • -Mix in chili powder and/or a tiny pinch of salt
  • -Mix in full-fat Greek yogurt or ricotta cheese for added protein
  • -Mix in cooked quinoa or couscous for added texture for Little Foodies ages 6-9 months
  • -Mix in cooked brown rice, farro or oatmeal for added texture for Little Foodies 9-12 months
  • -Mix in any combination of the above
  • -Make Pineapple Banana Mint Purée for Little Foodies 6+months


Want to use this purée for older foodies in the same home?

  • -Bake Pineapple Banana Muffins
  • -As a topping for yogurt, cottage cheese or iced cream
  • -Use this purée to top yogurt, cottage cheese or ice cream



Happy Cooking!



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