• First Baby Food Recipes

    First Baby Food Recipes

    Here are some of the recipes for what I have fed Eliana so far. Here are a few notes about my recipes and cooking: -I give Eliana as much seasonal, organic produce as possible. My friend Dawn brings up a good point about buying local, in season produce because other countries might not necessarily have the same rules about pesticides as we do.  If I were super clever, I would have thought to freeze the yummy organic fruit that was available in the summer. But, over the summer I had a newborn, so cleverness was not my strong point!  

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  • Helicopter Mommy

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    Helicopter Mommy

    This is about as messy as I can handle.  I’m waaaay too crazy for this mess.  In theory, I want Eliana to experience food inside and out, to get to know the smell, feel and, duh, taste of her food and to become a “good eater.” I say, and do actually believe, all of that. Until she tries to grab the food off the spoon, smear it all over her face, her hair, the bib, her clothes, me, her Bumbo seat and the counter.    Oh dear.   Oh no!    I swear that if it were not winter, I’d strip her

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  • Creating my teeny tiny foodie

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    Creating my teeny tiny foodie

    As I understand it, there are many different views and opinions on how to introduce a baby to solid foods.  I think of the two main camps as “old school” and “new age.” Based on my unofficial research among my “New Mommy Friends”, your camp has to do with your own opinion/comfort level and your pediatrician.  Our pediatrician is from the “new age” camp and that works just fine for me. Yep. That’s a pickle. At Eliana’s 4-month check-up, our pediatrician told us to let Eliana lick or taste basically anything we were eating. Yep, anything.  All those things we

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  • Welcome to teeny tiny foodie

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    Welcome to teeny tiny foodie

    Thanks for visiting teeny tiny foodie. My daughter, Eliana, just turned 7 months old and we’ve been doing the solid food thing for a few weeks. Each day I *attempt* to feed her two different “solids” twice a day. Attempt because there are days it happens and days it doesn’t. We all have goals, right?   I took the year off from work to stay home with the little lady and since I like to cook,  I’m a bit of a food snob, and (I’ll confess) a control freak, I’m making all her food. So far, at least.   Check here

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