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How To Massage Kale

Kale can be a pretty scary looking vegetable to foodies young and old. And if you taste it raw, your fears may well be confirmed by the slightly bitter taste of the rough and tough leaves. Want to know how to make kale taste tender and a little bit sweet? It’s so easy and hands-on (literally) that even your own teeny tiny sous chef can do it! You simply massage the kale. By massaging kale, you “cook” it and make it tastier and easier to digest, too. So, go ahead and give it a good rub down!

How To Massage Kale

Clean and dry your kale and remove the ribs. To easily remove the leaves from the rib, hold the tip of the stem and pull down on the leaves.

Or, have fun putting the salad spinner onto your head.

And then onto your friend’s head.

Then, tear or chop kale into ¾ inch pieces and place in a bowl.

Pour a little bit of olive oil, prepared salad dressing or lemon juice over your cleaned and dried kale and begin massaging it.

Literally put your hands in, grabs small fists of it and massage it in your hands the way you might someone’s shoulders.

Massage kale for at least a few minutes until it turns a darker green.

Add to your recipe and enjoy!

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Happy Cooking!