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Chilled Summer Vegetable Soup: Monday Meal

For Foodies 12 months and up…

…and for the Little Foodies 6 months and up


Recently, I’ve been working on creating recipes using ingredients that can both satisfy all the Foodies in the family and make life easier for the family chef. For example, I recently posted a few recipes using mango as the base: Simple Mango Purée for the Littlest Foodies 6 months and up, Mango Basil Purée for the Foodies 9 months and up, and Mango Sauce to top a variety of proteins for the Foodies 12 months to 12 decades. But this week’s Monday Meal is perfect for all the Foodies in the family. My Chilled Summer Vegetable Soup literally blends a variety of amazing vegetables in season right now with yogurt for protein and a bit of spices for extra flavor. It’s delicious on a hot, summer day regardless of your age. And, there is no actual cooking involved so it takes only as long as it takes you to peel, chop and blend. No oven or stove required. 🙂

I hope all the Foodies in your family enjoy it as much as my Foodies and I do.






Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and purée until smooth. Taste, adjust seasonings and enjoy.

We like to enjoy it topped with chopped or slivered almonds.

Yields approximately 6 cups.


Here are a few photos of Eliana enjoying the soup, too.  I give it to her in a cup with a straw that I’ve cut-much the same as I serve a smoothie to her. While her skills with utensils are improving, soup with a spoon is still not something she can eat without wearing most of it.

She loved the soup the first time she had it. The second time she had it, she took a few sips and gave it back to me. We’ll see what the third time brings. Ah, the joys of feeding a toddler!

Sitting on the currently-not-uncommon spot of “the floor.”


Happy Cooking!