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Dirty Dozen vs. Clean 15

As you all know, I try to give Eliana as much organic produce as possible. But, my mom was telling me that some types of produce are grown with less pesticides than others. So, not all produce I give her needs to be organic. I decided to look into it. I found the website of the Environmental Working Group. Yearly, they publish a list of the “dirtiest produce” (most pesticide-laden) and the “cleanest produce” (grown with least amount of pesticides.) They call this list The Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15. 


I was a little surprised by some of what I saw. I knew apples were full of pesticides but I was surprised to find out that potatoes were as well. Or that onions and corn were on the “clean” list. Thanks for the advice Mom!


On another note, because I can’t resist posting photos of Eliana, here is a photo from last night. We are in Florida with my parents right now and my brother and his family are visiting as well. All ten of us went out to eat last night and here is Eliana with her cousin David who is 8 months old.


Hi David! Want some of my apples?



And today Eliana tried her first popsicle. I wasn’t prepared for it as you can see by her lack of an appropriate bib. (Who am I? Didn’t I write a WHOLE POST about how she needs a bib at all times??) Thanks to my sister-in-law, Mariana, for being ever prepared.


You can just tell I’m worried about staining both our yellow shirts, right?



Live and learn, huh?