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Fish with Sautéed Vegetables and Rice: Monday Meal

Meal 1: Spicy Fish fillets with Sautéed Vegetables and Rice


This Monday Meal should actually be called “Monday and Tuesday Meal” since it is actually two recipes in one. You basically double the amount of food you make for the first meal and fancy-it-up a bit for a meal the next day. I’m a huge fan of putting in more effort on one day in the kitchen so I can basically not do so much the next day. So, to me, this Monday Meal is nothing short of brilliant.




*The cooking method for the fish will change depending on the type of fish you use. If you are using cod, heat the oven to 400° before beginning the recipe.  There is no need to pre-heat the oven if you are cooking any of the other fish.








Spoon some rice and vegetables onto a plate and serve alongside a fish filet.


And for the next night:


Dinner 2:  Dirty Rice with Fish






Plate and serve.


And the usual question: Did Eliana like it? Eliana loved it! She really likes fish so she is very happy every time I make it for dinner or lunch.


Fish! Yummy!


Good job, Mommy!


Happy Cooking!