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How To Cube a Watermelon


Sometimes it can be intimidating to figure out how to break down a watermelon. Using a small, seedless watermelon, here are some steps to (hopefully) make it easier.  🙂


How To Cube a Watermelon







First, cut the watermelon down the middle so you have two half-circles. Put one half to the side.


Second, cut off the other end of the watermelon so you have two flat surfaces with which to work.


Third, place the larger, flat end down onto the cutting board.

Fourth, starting at the top, begin cutting down the side of the watermelon, slicing the white rind off the pink flesh. Continue, turning the watermelon as you go, until all of the white rind has been removed.


Fifth, slice the watermelon into ½-inch to 1-inch slices.


Sixth, keeping the slices in a stack, lay them flat onto their sides. Slice the stack again, creating ½-inch to 1-inch sticks. You might have more control by slicing half of the stack at a time.


Seventh, turn the stack of watermelon sticks counter clockwise and slice them again, creating little cubes. Repeat with the other half of the stack.


Eighth, repeat steps 1-7 until the entire watermelon is cut and cubed.