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Guacamole: {Kids Cook} Monday Meal

I love guacamole for a few reasons:

1. First, avocados are super good for you. Even though they have a bad reputation for being fatty, they are actually full of “good fats”. And avocados promote heart health, have anti-inflammatory benefits, help regulate blood sugar, and are filled with nutrients.

2. Second, you can easily customize the recipe for guacamole to your liking by adding more or less of any ingredient based on your particular taste.

3. Third, guacamole is a tasty snack all by itself or a delicious addition to eggs, sandwiches, nachos or quesadillas.

Eliana and I recently made guacamole together for #WeCookWednesday. She was able to help out with most of the preparation. She helped by:

1. Peeling the garlic before I diced it.

2. Squeezing the avocado to get the flesh out

3. Adding all the ingredients to the bowl.

4. Mixing all the ingredients together.


Butterfly wings, tutu and a sun hat are optional attire. 😉






Into a medium-sized bowl, add the flesh of the avocado, salt, pepper and (optional) chili pepper.

Mash together with a fork.

Mix in the rest of the ingredients.

Taste, adjust seasoning as desired and enjoy.


Or, eat the whole bowl by yourself. “My guacamole is The BOMB Woot! Woot!!!!”


Happy Cooking!



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