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  • Go Forth, Young Eater

    Jan 24, 12 • Jory • Creating a teeny tiny foodie, OtherNo CommentsRead More »
    Go Forth, Young Eater

    Investigating an avocado before I opened it. Her first solid! Applesauce                   Some of my friends and family have asked me about the order in which I’ve introduced solid foods to Eliana. I have no real rhyme or reason. I did purposefully make her applesauce on her 6-month birthday as her first “solid” because she loves apples. I thought that would be a fun way to start. I didn’t really think about that initial stage of pushing everything back out of her mouth because she had no idea what to do with

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  • Tips & Ideas For Feeding Your Little Foodie

    Feb 27, 13 • Jory • • No CommentsRead More »
    Tips & Ideas For Feeding Your Little Foodie

    My Tips and Ideas in this section are based on my own experiences, the advice and guidance of my pediatrician as well as research I’ve done in magazines and websites. Two websites I found helpful when I started this process in December 2011 were: Baby Led Weaning and the website of my pediatrician’s office . Check back for more tips and ideas because I’ll be adding to this page periodically. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or tips you’ve discovered in the Comments Section at the bottom of this page.   Tips and Ideas for the Soon-to-Be Foodies (around 4-5 months)

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  • teeny tiny foodie turns 4!

    Jan 15, 16 • Jory • Crazy Mommy, OtherNo CommentsRead More »
    teeny tiny foodie turns 4!

    Four years ago I had a crazy idea. I wanted to start a blog. So my husband and I sat side-by-side on the couch brainstorming names for this little idea I had. We each had a laptop at the ready and as we shared possible blog names back and forth, we searched for them on the internet to see if they were taken. When we came up with the name “teeny tiny foodie” it felt right and it was available. Woohoo! So on January 15, 2012 teeny tiny foodie, aka my “Internet Baby”, was born. I came up with the

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  • Peppery Peach Purée

    Peppery Peach Purée

    When you read the title of this recipe, you might question my use of black pepper in a recipe for little foodies as young as 6 months. So, here’s my thinking on that: introducing your baby to solids is your time to expose him to a variety of flavors and textures through various fruits, vegetables, proteins, herbs and spices. You are setting up your baby’s palette for what he will want to eat for the rest of his life. I’m not suggesting you load up your baby’s food with tons of spicy ingredients and make the poor thing gag, but

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